All Change at the Little Ship Club

News Published Date : Thursday, 25 March, 2010 – 19:18

David Roache has recently been elected commodore of the Little Ship Club in London. Roache has committed to ensure that :

. . . the Club will secure its place in the future of sailing in the UK. The Club was formed by Maurice Griffiths and a small group of amateur sailors when Griffiths was just 25 years old, Our sport needs to be more available to younger people so I want to broaden our appeal to younger members.

David Roache

Originally set up as a club to bring together London-based sailors for sailing camaraderie and training, the Club has recently become involved with more competitive events such as Pelican Racing’s Cayman Islands City Racing Challenge and informal groups like Solent Sailors in the City. The Club’s President is Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who, whilst no youngster, still enjoys messing around in an Open 60.

Commenting on David’s election as Commodore, Sir Robin said :

David has taken the helm of the Little Ship Club at a critical time. In my sailing career I have made the transition from round the world in a wooden boat held together with iron nails to sailing the globe in a carbon fibre Open 60. Now the Little Ship Club is navigating a course that takes the best of its history and tradition and positions it as a dynamic hub for sailors in the 21st century.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston