Boat insurance services for leisure boats, motor boats, sailing craft and commercial marine. Specialist quotes for yacht insurance tailored to suit your requirements.

    Beached Yacht Insurance Claim

    Boat Insurance

    Insurance is perceived as something that can provide protection against a probable eventuality, but marine insurance and boat insurance are a lot more intricate as they are linked to global economy trends. We have listed specialist marine insurers, offering services that address the entire spectrum of shipping, marine and leisure yacht industry insurance. Marine and logistics risks can be complex and diverse, with many clients becoming increasingly dependent upon the global trade and extended supply chains. In a changing and seemingly more hazardous world, you need to better understand the risks that you face.

    Specialist Boat Insurance Providers

    Our group of seasoned insurance industry professionals can create insurance solutions that leverage your business or protect your sailing leisure craft. These are solutions not freely available in the local market. With a global presence, we go beyond the conventional definition of providing just insurance policies or quotes. We empower you with knowledge, equipping you with information necessary for making a better-informed decision, either to insure your sailboat or cover your marine business interests.

  • Comprehensive Marine Risk Mitigation

    You gain from our specialist risk advice as we proactively work towards making the loss and claims services in your favor. From ship owners to commercial boat fleets, managers are becoming more dependent on the extended supply chains that can be very volatile. We bring clarity to this chaotic world of logistics and marine risks. You get the advantage of tailored insurance solutions to cover all potential adversities. Our team of qualified underwriters works extensively to create differently propositioned marine and boat insurance services to fit your specific needs.

    Expert Marine Insurance Solutions Optimised for Your Business or Leisure Craft

    We can insure you against all types of marine exposures, covering all marine industry sectors, ranging from terminals, piers, ports and warehouses to shipping to leisure sailing and boating.

    Boat Insurance Risks that are Covered

    Our Insurance Companies offer a range of specialist insurance services, including Underwriting that cover:

    • Conventional cargo
    • Specialised cargo
    • Commercial hull
    • Marine liability
    • Pleasure craft

    You can get marine insurance to cover your boat for risks like:

    • Hull and machinery risks
    • Specialist risks like drug seizures
    • Loss of hire
    • Marine general liability
    • Freight demurrage and defense
    • Commercial vessels
    • Fishing boats
    • Passenger boats
    • Builders risks insurance/ship repairers liability
    • Mutual club reinsurance
    • War and terrorism risks

    Trusted Boat Insurance Personal Service

    Our insurance companies maintain long-established customer relationships and work hard to provide the most comprehensive cover for your requirements. In order to provide trusted marine insurance services to clients, our insurers maintain a streamlined chain of communication across all intermediaries like insurance associations, charterers, marine insurers, mutual insurance associations, ship owners, insurance brokers, and ship managers. This transparency in communication and gainful interactions ensure that you get unrivalled expertise in our field.