Day Boats

Suppliers and Boatyards that manufacture small daysailers and small Cabin Fishing craft. When a yacht is too big and a dinghy is far too small, a day boat provides the perfect alternative. These are built for easy maneuverability on the water and many are made to provide a comfortable small cabin for use during day trips out or fishing expeditions.

These small boats often don't have anywhere for the sailor to comfortably sleep, so if you're looking to spend a few days on the sea, a daysailer isn't your best option. Unlike many large yachts, you can quite easily manoeuvre your boat from one place to another using a trailer on the back of your vehicle. The portability factor is one of the reasons why these boats are so popular with sailors around the country. So you should choose a small cabin craft boat builder that specialises in these small types of day cabin cruiser to ensure your craft is designed with towing in mind.

Although it can't be said for every single day boat, a lot of them do have a small cabin which you can relax in if necessary. This cabin is not always high enough for an adult to stand up, but often provides a small table with seating (sometimes also a small berth) and gives you excellent shelter if the weather is bad outside or you want to take a couple of hours break from fishing or cruising.

With great stability, this is the main feature which sets these craft aside from the common dinghies we know. Shifting weight from one side of the boat to another is not a problem as the boat manufacturer builds these for stability, whereas it could lead to capsizing a dinghy. As a general guide, day boats are ideal if you want to spend a few hours or even a full day on the water. Many sailors use them for day fishing trips, although some of the largest ones do have the addition of a small 2 berth cabin which means that you could potentially enjoy a night or two of sleep while you're travelling.