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October News From Stirling & Son

Just in is a news update from the Devon-based Stirling & Son who specialise in traditional yacht building and wooden boat repair.

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Victorian Yacht Integrity:
Integrity’s planking was completed in July. Her topsides have been caulked and splined. Under water she has been caulked and payed with putty in preparation for her copper sheathing. Her deck has been laid. It is tapered and swept; a notable contemporary feature of a Victorian Yacht. During the winter her engine will be installed and her interior fit out begun. Below decks she will have an oak paneled interior with leather buttonhole upholstery in the saloon. Integrity is for sale for £297,000 (ex vat).

Stirling & Son Traditional Boatbuilding

Traditional Clinker Dinghies:
The ‘dinghy department’ has been busy this year with seven new builds during 2011 and two more booked in before Christmas. The dinghies, of bright varnished mahogany with gold leaf inlaid carving, have gone to homes in the UK and Europe. The most high profile dinghy new build this year was a 12’ rowing skiff. She was donated to Eton College in celebration of the Royal Wedding in April. We displayed a 12’ pulling boat and Stirling and Son’s new 14’ sailing dinghy on our stand at the Southampton Boat Show.

-At the beginning of the year we replaced the framing and a large proportion of the planking on an Arthur Collings built fishing boat. The boat was very well built with no caulking between the carvel planking.
-In May we were asked to make repairs to a Robert Clarke cruising sloop.
-In November an Alfred Mylne yacht is arriving at the yard for a thorough rebuild. Her owner requires an authentic and high specification restoration. The first stage will be structural with the replacement of the wood keel, sternpost and some framing. The majority of the planking is in good condition.

Dove Soap
In May Will was selected as ‘the Dove guy’. Olgivy Mather descended on the yard in force with a film crew of twenty people to make a

n advert for a new men’s shower product. A director flew over from Los Angeles, catering was laid on and a hairdresser arrived. Filming at the yard and on Dartmoor lasted for three days and included a shower scene! The list of shower attendees was lavish with a special lady to mix the foam, a foam consistency inspector and another lady to apply the foam! The advert will be screened across the world later in the year.

Row to the Pole
In late July Will joined Jock Wishart’s Row to the Pole expedition as part of the support team, skippering the BBC camera boat.  The six man rowing crew set off from Resolute in the Canadian Arctic to row to the Magnetic North Pole in order to highlight the accelerating pack ice retreat. The expedition was a success with the rowers reaching their objective at the very end of August.

America’s Cup
In early September a much smaller film crew arrived from the series America’s Cup Uncovered. Work was filmed in the yard be

fore Will was taken to Plymouth in order to meet one of the America’s Cup designers. He was then strapped onto the back of the Spanish Team’s AC45 catamaran for the speed trials.

Stirling & Son Traditional Boatbuilding & Repairs


-A non-boat related, yet maritime job we are currently working on is the replacement of a lock gate and cantilever bridge on the Tavistock Canal. The new lock gate is being made in Oak. Both bridge and lock gate are being built in the workshop before being dis-assembled and transported to the canal for installation. Due to the size of the timbers and the very poor access, the gate and bridge have to be built in position.
-We will be displaying a dinghy on the Classic Boat stand at the 2012 London Boat Show.
-Will is booked to give a number of talks this winter on wooden boatbuilding and sailing in the Arctic.
-Photos of our work have been shortlisted for the National Historic Ships Photo Competition.


For some more information (and some great boatbuilding galleries) please visit Stirling & Son.