YupSail a unique online booking platform and ethical booking agent for sailing yacht charters in Italy, Croatia, the Belearics, the Ionian Islands, French Riviera and around Europe.

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YupSail is an Italian company launched in 2015 by two passionate sailors. In 2013, after recently obtaining his sailing boat license, Arturo sees an opportunity in the boat charter niche. There was not an easy way to book charters online the way hotel booking websites work for hotel accommodation. He decided to create an online booking engine for sailing that allows fast and direct contact with the owners of boats to book charters.
Together with Andrea, Arturo decided to develop from scratch a platform for the purpose of booking charters.
The first ever version went online on February the 22nd 2014 to collect as much feedback as possible from friends and relatives. After tweaking the fine details and design the booking website was ready to go into full use within the sailing and boating community.
On March 11th 2015, YupSail s.r.l.s was formed in Bologna.
On March 21st 2015, YupSail officially goes online open to the public.

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The main purpose of the company is to organize the boat travel industry offers within one website where boat owners, travel agencies and tour operators can offer their services to tourists around the world.
This makes YupSail a unique online service for sailing holidays and charters. It's a marketplace where booking a charter is fast and can be completed immediately online. It makes the process easier for a charter or a tour operator to find new clients and to ensure a better service to their loyal regular customers.
From renting a small sail boat or joining an organized crew is easy, secure and quick.
The web platform enables boat owners and tourists to get in touch without any intermediary contact required. Owners and operators create available offers, decide pricing and costs, rental period, accessories included and the details of the rental agreement. Tourists will find only what is currently available in real-time and be able to book directly and securely with a credit card.

In addition to speed and efficiency, which is obvious one of the briefs for YupSail, was to make every booking entirely transparent to the customer: and we believe that our booking platform is the only place where you can inspect the full rental agreement before booking.
More than just offering an online platform for booking, we also takes care of the crew by suggesting nearby marinas to moor for the night, the best restaurants in the area and local events that customers may wish to get involved in.

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The name for the project YupSail consists of two words: Yup, that is, the American slang for "Yes", and the word Sail. The name hides a tribute to the song "Si viaggiare" by Lucio Battisti. In choosing the name, major weight was given the domain name as the idea was born with an international market in mind.
The fact that YupSail is entirely developed by two professional computer scientists, makes it very advanced in technology and reliable for our customers.

Meet the Owners and Creators
Anturo : an experienced enterprise web application back-end developer, who is passionate about sailing.
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Andrea : an experienced enterprise web application front-end developer, who is passionate about adventurous sailing trips and advanced sailing techniques.
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