Shipwreck Centre & Maritime Museum

Isle of Wight Shipwreck Centre in Arreton Village displays treasures found while diving in it's Museum. Learn about Pirates, Shipwrecks and artifacts recovered from the deep.

Ships Wheel photo

The Shipwreck Centre & Maritime Museum, located at Arreton Barns Craft Village on the Isle of Wight, is a popular destination for those looking to kill a few hours with the family or learn more about the history of these fascinating vessels and their stories. Originally located in Bembridge since the late 1970's the museum relocated to Arreton around 2006. The museum tells the story of a time of Pirates, shipwrecks and treasure, you can even view a 'Merman' exhibit.

Pirate Skulls picture

Whether young or old, everyone will find something interesting at the exhibition. Features include "Treasures from the Deep", old treasures found under the sea, models of antique ships, antique diving equipment and many other intriguing items. Martin Woodward was the main driving force behind this exhibition, after he began his diving career during the 1960's. After diving various shipwrecks in locations around the Isle of Wight, he opened the museum in 1978 to display all of the dived material he had amassed.

Frame of Wooden Ship

Apart from viewing old shipwrecks and diving equipment, you will also learn about the tragic tales of lives lost at sea. To relax, why not visit the cinema room and see the "Walk-around Tour", alongside videos of real-life sea rescues.

When visiting Arreton Barns Craft Village, make your way to the Carp Pond, where you will find the museum. Make use of the free parking and excellent restaurant and pub facilities during your visit, and if you have young ones, you'll find many activities, such as the Treasure Hunt or Pirate Trail to keep them busy.

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