Kevin the Canoe Childrens Books

Childrens boating related fiction books featuring vivid water colour illustrations on every page. Written by Nigel Reed these books take children on the nautical  adventures of 'Kevin the Canvas Canoe and Friends' in the fictional 'Boatland'.

The writer Nigel Reed is proud to announce the arrival of the first three in an exciting new series of sailing and boat based books for children. Based on the adventures of 'Kevin the Canvas Canoe and his Friends' these books are written by an experienced old sea dog and beautifully illustrated with bright water colour paintings throughout. The incredible artwork is illustraed by Yuki Reed, Nigel Reed and Colin Pritchard.

The lively stories based in 'Boatland' help to introduce children to the nautical world through the various adventures on the high seas of 'Kevin the Canvas Canoe' and his friends. Colourful boating related characters star in the books, such as 'Yasmin the Yacht', 'Robert the Racing Dinghy' and 'Simon the Speedboat' to name but a few.

The books are designed to entertain children and the delightful full colour illustrations on every page will definitely hold their interest. The stories also convey a light allegorical message throughout helping children to learn at the same time as having fun. Reading of the stories can also be interactive as children are challenged to find certain things hidden within the illustrations, such as Dolphins or Fish, adding to the fun!

Simon the Speedboat Childrens Book

Simon the Speedboat and the SOS

An SOS call disturbs the peace of 'Boatland'. Can 'Simon the Speedboat' drive as fast as he claims to race to the rescue of 'Demelza' aided by 'Kevin the Canvas Canoe' and friends?

Mucky Water Mystery Childrens Book

Mucky Water Mystery

'Kevin' and his nautical friends investigate who may be responsible for the mess in 'Summerwater' in a night time boating adventure.

Sailors Surprised Childrens Book

Sailors Surprised Childrens Book

'Kevin' and his friends are having trouble with some salty Sailors during the Winter on 'Sandybanks'. Find out how they deal with the troublesome Sailors in this childrens sailing adventure book.


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