Admiralty Ship Models

High quality Boat models manufactured from the very best Teak to the original specifications of real Galleons and Ships to scale by expert craftsmen in the United Kingdom.

At Admiralty Ship Models you will find high quality sailing models, all handcrafted by our expert team. Based in Bristol, United Kingdom, you will find a huge variety of gifts, ornaments and more on our website. We use Mature Solid Teak Planks – Grade A Tectona Grandis wood for all the models you see listed, so you can rest assured that you're getting a quality piece of work. This type of wood is regarded worldwide as a top quality material, mainly because it ages much slower than other types of wood.

Ship image

Our customers should never expect veneer or plastic in any of the products we sell, and each product is lovingly crafted with no corners cut and every care taken. None of our items have been made using kits or sets – each is carefully handcarved and created with our customers in mind. The wooden plank on frame technique is used for the wooden ships and other vessels, and you will find a huge array of sizes available, from large models to smaller ships and nautical related décor. Not only do we strive to give you great quality, but we'll beat the prices of any of our competitors too.

Choose one of our ready-to-display museum quality wooden models today and buy with confidence!