Sailing Jobs

If you're a passionate sailor or love being out on the water, you've probably thought about what it would be like if you were paid to enjoy your hobby. But it might surprise you to know just how many jobs there are in this industry, some of which would be right up your street.

Depending upon your circumstances, qualifications and the type of person you are, some sailing and water sport jobs will be more suitable than others. But wherever you are in the world, as long as you are located within easy reach of a large body of water, you'll probably find a job that's right for you. Here are some examples of how you can live your dream.

Skipper, Engineer, Chef and Stewardess couple crew jobs

There are many companies that advertise on a regular basis for couple crews to run their yachts – and if you haven't yet had children and think you can work with on board with your partner, this could be the job for you. Generally, a couple crew consists of a knowledgeable and experienced Captain who is commercially endorsed and has the right qualifications with solid references.
The second person in the crew must be capable of providing the various other tasks necessary to run the yacht, for example cooking for and hosting guests, laundry, cleaning etc. In some companies, this second person will need to be a diving instructor or have another water sport related skill to provide an extra service to the guests. This can be a dream job, offering the opportunity to experience some truly remarkable and breathtaking places, including the Mediterranean and Caribbean.
However, there are definite downfalls to this job and it takes a certain type of person to make a success of it. You must be happy having no permanent base, living in confined spaces – and of course, you must get on well with your partner as you will be spending A LOT of time together.

Yachting Instructor Jobs

If you're looking for a job that still gives you time at home and a permanent base, you should consider becoming a yachting instructor. This can be the perfect job for some people as it allows you to share your passion with someone new to the sport, providing useful experience and skills, and the chance to work with a variety of people.
Yachting instructors will need to obtain the necessary paperwork and skills before they can start working – although some companies do offer to train you up if you are missing some skills or courses. Depending upon your levels of experience, you could be training anyone from complete novices to salty sea dogs and you'll always find yourself involved in lots of different activities.
Generally, sailing instructors can go out on a 4-7 day course which can involve some overnight stays in different locations, depending upon how far you've sailed during the day. However you will find you have plenty of days off and time to spend at your home or base, so it can be the ideal job if you are looking for work that allows you time with your family.

Sailing and other water sport instructors

There are some large companies that take on instructors, or trainee instructors, for a variety of sports including sailing and powerboating. These companies offer job opportunities in Europe and further afield, some of which are seasonal depending upon the amount of people wanting to learn the sports at particular times of year.
A sailing instructor will teach people how to sail dinghies – a job which is generally much more fun in sunnier climates. A powerboating instructor will teach people how to safely skipper a powerboat. If you have the necessary paperwork and training to become an instructor for either of these sports, you will find a great deal of work available as long as you are happy to work seasonally and abroad.
You should also consider positions where you’ll operate vessels under a sporting license, for example driving a powerboat that pulls the "Banana Boat" or a parasailing parachute. These are jobs that can be well paid if you work for the right company, and will keep you entertained.

Jobs on Cruise Ships

Working on a Cruise Liner may be the exciting and varied career that will suit your personality. Depending on the type and size of Cruises that you work on you could visit various Ports around the British Isles, Europe and even Worldwide Cruises in places such as the Caribbean. The work opportunities onboard are endless with positions available in all aspects of the Cruise experience. Some of the vacancies you will find range from pursers, bar staff, restaurant staff servers, chefs or restaurant managers to Cruise Ship entertainment co-ordinators and staff.
There are also opportunities to join the Deck Cadet program and eventually become qualified Deck Officers on board these large passenger vessels. Many jobs also exist behind the scenes on board in areas such as Technical and Engineering, Housekeeping, IT, Human Resources and many other roles.
You can even gain employment with a cruise line using existing skills you may posses, in fields such as Photography, Medical or Nursing, on board Casinos, or even giving treatments or working in the Spa and Fitness centres.

These are just a few of the jobs you can find in the water sport, marine and sailing industry and once you decide to pursue your water based career, you may find that a life on the waves is ideal for you!

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