Shops that primarily deal in equipment and related supplies for ships or boats are known as Boat Chandlery shops. We list many of the best dealers that specialise in boat chandlery products. Many of these types of shop are located near the waterfront in marinas, on main rivers or in other seafront locations. Like all other suppliers many items are in stock ready to purchase, but many boat related items need to be custom manufactured to the customers specifications. This high-level of service comes with the condition of short time spans to deliver customised special orders. All the services of a ship chandler are urgent and even a slight delay can prove to be expensive, so choosing the most professional suppliers in this field is extremely important.

Some of the products offered by our suppliers fall in the below categories:
Electrical Products – This category of products include interior and exterior lights, aerials, circuit protection, batteries, solar power, inverters, leads, and generators.
Drive Gear & Engines – Essentials like control cables, fuel lines, stern gear, fuel filters, oil filters, alternator belts, engine spare parts, air filters and similar engine spares are also available in chandlery stores.
Safety Items – Products like Life Jackets, boat hooks, poles, Bouyancy Aids, fire safety tools, Fire alarms, Life Rafts and Carbon Monoxide alarms come under this category.
Deck and Cabin Tools – Chain and anchors, lifting rings, fenders, common deck fittings, portholes, cast labels, cabin hooks, padlocks, mooring ropes, coat hooks, hinges and other related sundries.
Navigation Tools – Items required for safely navigating your craft on the water such as Maps, Charts, Fish Finders, radios and satellite navigation equipment.
Sailing Clothing and Footwear – Owing to environmental factors when sailing, sailors require specific clothes and shoes. Waterproof apparel like inshore jackets, deck shoes, sailing boots, wetsuits, base & mid layers, life jackets, and similar items that can withstand extreme conditions are suitable for sailors.

Apart from the above categories our suppliers stock many other essential chandlery items. Ranging from books and charts through rigging and sailmaking to marine related souvenir products.