Speedboats & Racing

High-performance speed boats are usually purchased because the owner wants two things – to move quickly across the water and to look amazing while doing so. Manufacturers of these types of craft specialise in high performance and luxury, building the ideal boat for your needs. While some people aren't too bothered about looking good as they sail, you wouldn't buy one of these vessels if you didn't want to sail quicker. The speed is down to the high-horsepower engines, and the long, 'V' shaped hull or catamaran type double hulls to help them pick up speed while on the water.

The great thing about these speedboats is that you can sail them almost wherever you are. They are suitable for sailing inland at slower speeds, but you can also take them into the ocean on a summer's day to enjoy the waves and really try out the engine. In many of these boats, a cockpit is located directly behind the long deck. This is the area which everybody is seated in while the vessel is moving. However, in other versions, you'll find the cockpit entirely enclosed within the boat. If you're choosing a high-performance boat, check out the cockpit location and decide which one you would prefer when you supply your specifications or designs to the boat builders that will manufacture your vessel.

Included in the fun of a high-performance boat is the fact that you can visit many different destinations in a relatively short space of time, making them the ideal mode of transport on the ocean. Because they can travel so quickly, you waste less time travelling between the locations and more time enjoying the scenery or attractions. The larger of these boats offer a lot of luxury to the driver and passengers. With comfortable head facilities, sleeping areas and luxurious décor, it's no wonder they have gained so much popularity and manufacturers are in high demand. But as a general rule true racing craft do not come equipped with sleeping berths, as they are really designed for speed and not comfort.

As the name suggests, a speed boat is a boat which can travel at high speeds, with a powerful engine, a motor (either outboard or inboard) and a hull which is specifically designed to increase speed, speed boats are equipped with everything necessary to race or for leisure use. An aerodynamic cockpit also improves the speed of the boat, although some vessels come with a completely sunken cockpit. Speed boats come in various shapes and sizes – racing boats are shaped slightly differently and some have more seating space for those who want to take more passengers on board, so when buying your craft from the suppliers take this into account.

When buying this type of craft those looking for a speed boat for leisure use will be interested in vessels which feature larger seating areas for more comfort. Although these aren't as fast as the high performance racing boats, you can still expect a reasonable speed from your boat. If you're looking for somewhere to sleep for a few days, a speed boat probably isn’t the ideal option. Most of them are not built by the manufacturer to have sleeping accommodation, so there isn't much comfort to be enjoyed during the trip. Speed boats have been used for years to provide relaxation and excitement to many keen sailors, so please visit our manufacturers and suppliers of these craft to find your ideal performance boat.