Motorboats & Cabin Cruisers

Boat builders and suppliers of Motor Boats and Cabin cruiser craft. Spending time on a Cruiser doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your home comforts. In fact, many cruisers offer you and your family everything that you enjoy at home – comfortable beds (berths), a kitchen, sitting areas and a bathroom with shower. Many are equipped with warm air heating, electricity (12 volt and 240 volt systems) and even air conditioning, so you can charge your devices, get warm during the colder nights and even watch the TV.

These craft are supplied with inboard, sterndrive power, or outboard engines and you can find these boats in a range of sizes. From the smaller under 20 feet versions to the 40 feet models, you can decide which one is best based on the amount of space you need and your purchasing budget. Many sailors prefer inboard drive diesel engines, which are often easier to control and much more economical than petrol power. The propeller and engine on this type of craft work to achieve straight-ahead pushing, and the rudder ensures the force and direction needed. We have many specialist companies that build, fit-out and repair motor cabin cruisers available for you to choose from including river broads type cruisers and off-shore cabin cruiser manufacturers. Boat yards and companies that repair, re-fit and/or build GRP hull, wooden and fibre glass material manufactured motorboats of various types.