About Us

A very warm welcome to Sail.co.uk one of the biggest Boating, Sailing and Marine related Resources on the Web. We have worked hard to build an informative and fun Sailing related Portal and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have regarding our website.
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The History of the UK Sailing Index Website

Our Sailing Index was first established in November 1996 and we ran for 3 years on a free hosting platform.
Our market share and visitor count grew quickly and it was decided that Sail UK needed a more relevant domain name. That is when we procured the domain UKSail.com and we ran and maintained the UK Sailing index on UKSail.com from 1999 to 2009 (also owning the domain UKSail.co.uk).
At the beginning of 2010 we decided to update the site to a more attractive format and the current website format was born. Among other changes during 2010, we acquired the Category Defining domain name Sail.co.uk to reflect our primary Sailing audience. During this period we also updated our documentation, enhanced our informative content, and made the website architecture easier to navigate.
These additions and changes have made the Sail.co.uk website more user friendly and easier to navigate as well as improving the all important 'Searchability'.
If your UK Sailing or Marine related website or business is not currently listed then please visit our Submit your Business or Service page to view the options available to you. We offer detailed editorial options where you can create a full profile of your Company or Service which includes images, text, contact details and a map function for a reasonable editorial fee.